Bedankt voor dit bezoek. Viruswaarheid gaat door als Voorwaarheid!

A message from Mike Yeadon (Ex. VP Pfizer UK)

Hello all,

 I’m an experienced research scientist with over 30y experience in pharma & biotech R&D in allergy, respiratory, dermatology.

This involves much expertise in immunology.

Two key points

 1 – I need to inform you that the variants narrative is ENTIRELY FRAUDULENT. While they exist they are all so similar to the original virus that it’s impossible that any of them ‘escape immunity’ or require ‘top-up vaccines’.

Specifically, no variant is more than 0.3% different from the original, so 99.7% identical. Both theory & practise shows no possibility that a variant so similar to the original virus will not be fully recognised as essentially the same.

If anyone is immune through vaccination or natural infection, their immune system WILL fully recognise ANY & ALL variant.

Those who were infected by SARS in 2003 & donated blood last year all retained cellular immunity to SARS AND had CROSS-IMMUNITY to SARS-COV-2. These viruses are 20% different (80% identical) and this difference is FAR TOO SMALL to ‘escape immunity’.

Since 20% difference is far too small to escape immunity, I assure you that 0.3% differences will not, either.

So now a benign interpretation of the claims that ‘variants may escape immunity’ & ‘top-up vaccines’ are required. Neither are true. No benign interpretation is available.

Obviously concerning is that a malign interpretation is the real motivation for this major lie in the narrative.


2 – vaccine passports do not offer the slightest safety advantage to a holder. A vaccinated person is protected & is not safer by knowing that people nearby are also vaccinated. Similarly, an unvaccinated person who isn’t vulnerable by virtue of age & fitness doesn’t need to know the immune status of anyone nearby. It is just a myth or folk tale with no scientific foundation that being exclusively near to vaccinated people makes a person safer.

Obviously, a vaccine passports system produces coercive pressure to those for whom vaccination is neither wanted nor necessary. That alone is deeply concerning, given a low but real proportion of those vaccinated have experienced severe side effects including death.

Worse even than this, a vaccine passport database offers the controller of that database & associated algorithms the ultimate tool of totalitarian tyranny.

It must be resisted. It’s not useful. It will lead to irreversible destruction of liberal democracy.

Unconvinced? Let me illustrate.

Your vaxpass app pings you to inform you that you must attend for your (superfluous, malign?) ‘top-up vaccine’. It reminds you that if you fail to attend, your current, valid VaxPass expires. Now you won’t be able to do whatever it is required for (which could be anything from accessing a public building to being able to use your bank card in a shop or fuel station). How much choice do you have? It’s none. You are controlled.

A few days later, your VaxPass pings again. You are required to bring your grandchild in for vaccination, because the child’s mother hasn’t done so. If you don’t comply, your VaxPass will expire, as will your daughters. How much choice do you have. It’s none. You are controlled.

I invite you to take these two pieces of information seriously. I believe the direction of travel is deeply concerning, indeed frightening.

This is not a normal set of policy responses to a virus which is mostly only a serious health threat only to those >70years old or seriously ill. No one else should have had lives disrupted to this extent, economies damaged to this degree & civil society destroyed for more than a year.

This is the time for true democrats to stand up, stand together & to resist these totalitarian tyranny. There will be no further opportunities to do so. It would be better to take a chance and risk being foolish than to go along with this terrifying lie, plunging us into hell.


With best wishes & sincerity of thought.



Dr Mike Yeadon


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